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Benefits of Using Solar Powered Charging Banks For Camping

Sometimes we need a break from the nerve wrecking and tough routine of our busy lives. Getting away to a pristine place for camping can be the best choice for refreshing your mind. So take a break and let your body recover from the fatigue of daily stresses. You know that mobile phones and other such gadgets are now a great part of our life. Wherever you go, your smart phone is always with you, and nowadays we cannot live a single day without our phones as we need to stay connected with the world and our loved ones. The use of electronic devices in any camping activity can never be ignored and these devices need a power source to be charged....

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Solar Panels Work In a bid to create energy sources that are sustainable and safe to use, scientists have continued to come up with different ways to efficiently extract useful energy from natural occurring sources. One of these forms of energy is solar energy. It’s main source being the sun, solar energy provides a renewable source of power that is clean and safe. To gain useful energy, the sun’s energy through radiation is captured and converted into electrical energy for domestic and industrial uses. The sun produces photons that hit the earth in about 8 1/2 minutes. These photons can generate electricity when they hit the cells of a solar panel. A solar panel is a photo voltaic cell...

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Easy Ways to Lessen Your Environmental Impact in 2018

Not very long ago, the world was bitterly divided by the debate about climate change, but thank goodness those dark days are firmly behind us. The world is more aware, more enlightened about the terrible effects on the environment some of our activities cause, but we still have some ways to go. Taking care of the environment is often mistaken even by those who accept its reality as a sole responsibility of governments around the world. People take their day-to-day activities and the lasting impact it has on the environment for granted. Often you will get a puzzled look when you suggest to someone that their activities might be as bad long-term to what some of the worst environment polluters...

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