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How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Solar Panels Work In a bid to create energy sources that are sustainable and safe to use, scientists have continued to come up with different ways to efficiently extract useful energy from natural occurring sources. One of these forms of energy is solar energy. It’s main source being the sun, solar energy provides a renewable source of power that is clean and safe. To gain useful energy, the sun’s energy through radiation is captured and converted into electrical energy for domestic and industrial uses. The sun produces photons that hit the earth in about 8 1/2 minutes. These photons can generate electricity when they hit the cells of a solar panel. A solar panel is a photo voltaic cell...

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The Importance of Sustainability and Sustainable Development

How Sustainable Energy Impacts the Environment Energy greatly affects the environment in multiple ways; the air, land, water and almost everything around us. Every living human being uses at least one form of energy and that is just putting it mildly. The electricity we consume, the rays from the sun, the gas our automobiles consume are all forms of energy. One of the greatest problems facing mankind today is finding the most efficient and sustainable forms of energy to stick to. It is no news that energy affects climate change and can be a serious pollutant in the environment. For different world economies, choosing the kind of energy to invest in will depend largely on its sustainability. Sustainable energy is...

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How Solar Power Will Keep You Safe When Electricity Can Not

Despite forecasters informing people of incoming storms days or even weeks before striking, it’s virtually impossible to predict exactly how much damage will be done. In the time it takes people to prepare for an impending disaster, a storm could already have arrived. The results of under preparedness can be devastating. In 2016, the US experienced a record 15 natural disasters, totaling nearly $46 billion in damage. And this number only accounts for those particular events, not even taking into account the ones that just impact local communities. However, even the ones that don't make national news can be enough to leave homes and businesses without electricity or running water for weeks. Homes on the grid are more susceptible to...

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