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How to Add a Wind Turbine Generator to Your Home or Business

Wind turbine generators are quickly becoming a cost effective way to provide electricity for your home, business, barn, or shop building. Apart from falling costs wind energy offers the sustainability we should strive for as a society. While the notion of installing a wind turbine may seem difficult, we've compiled an easy to follow guide to describe the process of starting your own project. Certain factors need to be considered before installing a wind turbine at your home or business. Various factors involved include the location, choosing the correct size of turbine and tower after carefully analyzing the turbine’s annual output energy, and making a decision of whether to connect the turbine to the grid or leave it off grid. For wind...

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The Importance of Sustainability and Sustainable Development

How Sustainable Energy Impacts the Environment Energy greatly affects the environment in multiple ways; the air, land, water and almost everything around us. Every living human being uses at least one form of energy and that is just putting it mildly. The electricity we consume, the rays from the sun, the gas our automobiles consume are all forms of energy. One of the greatest problems facing mankind today is finding the most efficient and sustainable forms of energy to stick to. It is no news that energy affects climate change and can be a serious pollutant in the environment. For different world economies, choosing the kind of energy to invest in will depend largely on its sustainability. Sustainable energy is...

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