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Benefits of Personal Wind Power: An On or Off Grid Solution

The Need for Energy Imagine you wake up on a cold Monday morning and you are finding it difficult to get up; you can barely feel your legs! You gather some strength and then you find a way to wobble into the bathroom. As you glance into the mirror it dawns on you the lights are off. You flip the light switch and nothing happens, so you repeatably flick it up and down, to no avail. Then on top of that the sink has no warm water, nothing in the fridge is chilled, and the microwave oven won’t turn on to warm up your Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich. A terrible start to your day, right? The need for energy in our day to...

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The Importance of Sustainability and Sustainable Development

How Sustainable Energy Impacts the Environment Energy greatly affects the environment in multiple ways; the air, land, water and almost everything around us. Every living human being uses at least one form of energy and that is just putting it mildly. The electricity we consume, the rays from the sun, the gas our automobiles consume are all forms of energy. One of the greatest problems facing mankind today is finding the most efficient and sustainable forms of energy to stick to. It is no news that energy affects climate change and can be a serious pollutant in the environment. For different world economies, choosing the kind of energy to invest in will depend largely on its sustainability. Sustainable energy is...

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