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Should Renewables Be Considered "Green"?

Do wind and solar do more harm than good? The recent documentary “Planet of the Humans” posits a seemingly simple solution to saving the planet from the effects of climate change. Jeff Gibbs' and Michael Moore's film essentially asserts that because no source of energy is perfect, they're all bad. The film leaves viewers feeling that humanity itself is the problem, and offers very few positive solutions to existential catastrophe other than a drastic decline in human population, consumption, and economic growth. So does renewable energy cause more harm than good? Do the environmental and human costs of producing wind turbines and solar panels outweigh their lauded benefits? The necessity of zero-emissions Contrary to the assertions of Moore and Gibbs,...

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5 'Must See' Climate Change Documentaries to Watch in 2018

The whole world has woken to the stark reality that faces humanity and all other living beings on this planet. Climate change is no longer a myth to most of us, it’s a reality that we must all band together to face, with the Paris agreement encapsulating humanity’s resolve to confront this impending menace and avoid its worst possible consequences. It hasn’t always been like this though, just over a decade ago, we were bitterly divided over the reality of climate change, but the turning point in the battle of ideas was soon to come with the release of the iconic “An Inconvenient truth” by Al Gore, a movie that would change the momentum of the debate. It was to...

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