7 Watt Camouflage Folding Solar Panel Charger For Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Devices

$29.99 $49.99

Product Description

Charge your phone sustainably and easily!

Check out our 7 Watt 1000mAh Folding Camouflage Solar Powered Panel Charger! This solar mobile charger is great for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, biking, and all other outdoor adventures. Never go without a charge when you are out doing what you love!


  • Solar power charging device folds up for easy storage
  • Green camo color scheme matches most outdoor gear
  • Waterproof design is ideal for most outdoor activities. Don’t worry about rain and splashing!


Simply plug the USB connector into the female USB socket, and you can charge your phone, tablets, cameras, and more. This charger folds thin to easily conceal on a backpack. Bring it with you on any outdoor adventure!

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