Solar Powered & Hand Crank Mini Emergency Flashlight


Product Description

Mini Emergency Solar Flashlight

Perfect solar powered and hand crank light for camping, hiking, climbing, biking, and all of your outdoor adventures. Lightweight and durable, this light is a must have for your next outing. Never worry about batteries or needing an electricity source ever again. Brilliant light available 24/7, rain or shine. Clip this to your backpack to collect the energy of the sun, or simply use the hand crank to generate your own power.



  • Super lightweight and able to take the roughness of the trail
  • Bright LED lighting will surely provide you will the light needed on the trail or at the campsite
  • Mini size perfect for concealing in a bag, pocket, or case
  • Use for emergencies or everyday use
  • Easy to use On/Off switch
  • Eco-friendly and you'll never need to pack extra batteries for light again
  • Classic Mountaineering Buckle Design
  • Product Size: 4.88*1.77*1.26 inches; Weight: 3.03 oz

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