54 LED Solar Powered Outdoor Light


Product Description

Illuminate the outside of your home or business

The LED solar powered lights attach to walls and are perfect for businesses who want to light up the outside of their shop without wasting extra energy. Equipped with 54 LED lights, we can guarantee that darkness won’t be an issue with this light. At dusk, they light up automatically, brightening up to 170 degrees around it!

  • Waterproof in case of rain or other inclement weather!
  • Utilizes IP65 solar lights made from durable ABS material that converts up to 17% of sunlight into energy!
  • Comes with three lighting modes so that you could adjust the brightness and when it comes on!
  • Shines especially bright at 800 lumens!

Want to light up your business at night but also want to save money on electricity? This LED solar powered light works magic. Shop Solar Us Shop today!

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