100 piece Compostable Wooden Utensils

$29.99 $37.00

Product Description

Shop these compostable wooden forks for your next event!

Looking for composting supplies? Check out these 100 piece compostable wooden utensils! Great for a party or other event, you can celebrate and not worry about waste being tossed into the landfill. These utensils are biodegradable and made from wood!

  • Comes with 100 utensils
  • Perfect for parties or entertaining
  • Silver stripes give it a flair
  • Package includes forks
  • Totally eco-friendly!

Hosting a wedding or special event? Don’t let the environment suffer! Shop these compostable wooden forks today and have a blast. Solar U.S. Shop also sells solar gadgets and lights, so shop with us and light the whole party up! 

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