5V 5W Solar Panel Charger


Product Description

Charge your devices sustainably!

Solar gadgets are the best way to play your small part towards sustainability, and this solar mobile charger is a great place to start. We all rely on our laptops for work and other business, but simple mobile chargers don’t power these larger items. This charger powers laptops, tablets, GPS, and other devices. Take it camping, hiking, and traveling!


  • Is powered ar 5.3W, a voltage of 5V, and a current of 1A
  • Solar power charging cell is 21%-25% efficiency compared to a usual 17%-19%
  • ETFE deep embossing lamination increases how much light is absorbed by reducing reflection.

This charger is weather resistant and is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Expose the panels to the sunlight before using it to power your gadgets. Be sure to shop sustainably, and start with this solar powered tool!


  • Size of a piece of computer paper
  • Weather resistant
  • 5.3W, 5V, 1A

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