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Product Description

The ZERO BREEZE MARK 2 portable air conditioner was designed with the appropriate size and weight to ensure great portability. With a built-in 24V micro inverter compressor and through its smart battery, it can provide you with up to 5 hours of cooling on full charge.

Take ZERO BREEZE MARK 2 wherever you need cooling, and enjoy cool life even to the most remote locations.

  • Tent air conditioner or camping trip
  • Room to room air cooler
  • Use in cabin, RV or to rest in truck
  • Great for boat or plane

Let the MARK 2 bring you a cool experience

The ZERO BREEZE MARK2 uses a high-efficiency miniature inverter air conditioner compressor and a compact high-efficiency fan system. It can lower the air temperature down to 30F below the environment in just 10 minutes. The MARK2 is 60% lighter and 48% smaller in size vs. traditional portable air conditioners.

Need heating instead? 

We all know that Mark 2 give a new way to keep us cool for off grid living. Do you know Mark 2 also provide heating feature ?

Turning Mark 2 into the heating mode is simple. The only thing you need to do is to revert the unit and click the cooling mode button.
So the Mark 2 keeps transfer cold air outside and blow in the hot air. According to lab test, it works most effectively in above 50℉/ 10℃.
But a good setup could help to maximum the performance.

This is a helpful feature to use in winter, in desert, on the mountain, or even during blackout at home.

Truly Portable, Go Anywhere!

MARK 2 Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner features an energy-efficient design. A MARK 2 smart battery can cool off your space for up to 5 hours on full charge, and it can be charged with a car cigarette lighter. A great choice for portable air conditioner for camping, RVs, personal tent cooling, or any other outdoor activities.

Solar Air Conditioner

Choose your power source. You can plug it, run with battery or turn the MARK 2 into a solar powered air conditioner. Just charge the battery through the special adapter and solar panels (not included). Additionally to enabling battery charge with solar energy, the special adapter allows the MARK 2 to be compatible with third-party batteries.



With it's second-generation cordless portable air conditioner, ZERO BREEZE has carefully considered the outdoor environment and taken the feedback from the first-generation air conditioner supporters. Constantly optimizing and innovating all details necessary to make the best cordless mobile air conditioner that can be used virtually anywhere.

Truly air-conditioned - No water or ice are needed to keep you cool with the built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor.

Lower up to 30F - The MAX 2 can output air up to 30F lower than the environment within just 10 minutes

Lightweight - Weighing only 16.5lb is almost only half the size of the average portable air conditioner

A real portable AC unit - Combine the Air Conditioner and the battery into one unit. You can take the air conditioning unit everywhere you go with one hand and walk around easily.

COLD AIR EXTENSION PIPE - In compact RVs, cabins, airplanes, and through cold wind extension tubes, the Mark 2 will not be restricted by space placement, and the cold air will be quickly blown to you.
DUMP PROTECTION - Mark 2 has a built-in dump protection mechanism to protect the air-conditioning system effectively in various complicated outdoor environments, preventing continuous operation and damage to the equipment after dumping.
SLEEP MODE, POWER MODE - Sleep mode is perfect for camping outdoors at night. Power mode is ideal for rapid cooling down from sweat.
BATTERY BUCKLE SYSTEM - Mark 2 battery can be quickly and easily integrated with Mark 2 air conditioners. You can lift the air conditioner at work with one hand, as simple and convenient as a flashlight.
COLD AIR TEMPERATURE DISPLAY - Mark2 has an innovative air outlet with temperature display. After starting up, you can more intuitively see the change of the air outlet temperature from the ambient temperature to the cooling temperature.
HEAT DISSIPATION PIPE - When used in small spaces such as truck lounges, small tents, cabins, etc., it can quickly transfer heat out of the space through the heat dissipation pipe to achieve space cooling.

Run it with wall power - Plug it into the wall using the 240W power adapter (included) - create a local cooling space at any time as long as you want.
Run it with battery - Run the AC unit with your own 24V battery supply or run the AC unit with our one battery for 3-5 hours of portable usage.
For your beloved pets - Cool down your pets and create a comfortable environment for them anywhere anytime.
For outdoors - Move freely, support solar charging*, Upgrade your RV or rest in the truck, Boat or plane, MARK 2 can bring you a cool experience wherever you are


  • Length: 20"
  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 11"
  • Weight: 16.5lbs

Other Information:

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Country of Origin:

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