Legion Solar 5 300W Micro Inverter LS-260I (GEN 4)


Product Description

Replacement Micro-Inverters for Starter Set and Expansion Set. Legion Solar 300 watt Micro-Inverter technology offers the best price/performance ratio on the market. Conceived to be used with Legion Solar 300W PV Solar Panels LS-150M.

This Micro Inverter is also compatible with 60 and 72 cell modules with power rating less than 300W. The Micro-Inverter LS-260I is available in 120VAC and 230VAC configurations for efficiency up to 95.5%. Works with SolarRegulator™ hardware for production monitoring via LegionSolar™ App.

A great addition to your Legion Solar solar power system, the micro inverter was created specifically to achieve ideal system match for high efficiency DC power to AC conversion. Helping you get the most out of your solar system.

Maximum Solar Energy Production

Solar Legion micro inverters can outperform traditional solar inverters, most commonly known as string inverter systems due to no single point of failure. Each inverter cell works independently to maximize energy production in partial or over casted weather conditions.

Included Items:

  • One LS-260I-xxxVAC Micro-Inverter
  • Inverter mounting screws
  • Does NOT include T-harness, and other wiring

*Due to continuous product improvements, photos may differ slightly from actual product.

Product Features:

  • 300W Maximum PV power input
  • Weatherproof IP67
  • WC4 PV connectors
  • Wide PV input voltage rage 17-50V
  • Integrated ground Easy wiring with LegionConnex™
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Anti islanding Safety (Does not generate power if grid power is off)
  • Dimensions: 7.87in x 5.12in x 1.26in
  • Weight: 0.37 lbs
  • 10 year limited warranty



          Legion Solar 300W Solar Panels Brochure
300W Micro-Inverter
LS-260I Datasheet

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