Legion Solar - Solar Energy System Starter Set


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Legion Solar - Solar Energy System Starter Set

The Legion Solar basic starter set is a do-it-yourself (DIY) solar power for home solution. It is a scalable and easy to install solar system that will help you avoid big installation costs. With the amount of power that it generates, it can pay for itself up to 3x faster than conventional systems.

Keep your system cost under control, scale up when you need it. Consumers can easily design a system that fits their specific budget, requirements, and needs. The solar panel installation is easy thanks to the included accessories. Switch to a cleaner energy source by harnessing the power of solar panel systems from Legion Solar.


Starter Set Energy Savings

Starter Set Energy Estimate Savings 

Consumers who switch to solar energy enjoy long term savings by reducing their average cost of power from utility companies.



Legion Solar - Solar Energy System Starter Set and expansion system diagram

Energy System Starter Set + Extension Diagram

Basic Starter Set

The 300W Starter Set can produce energy sufficient to offset your TV, and all of your hand held electronic devices. It is the the first step towards building your solar energy system. Once you get the basic set, you can expand it with Expansion Sets, Battery Commander, Off Grid Controller + Off Grid Inverter.


Legion Solar - Solar Energy System Starter Set Energy Monitoring App

Monitoring App Available


The Basic Set contains:

  • Two 150 watt high efficiency polycrystalline solar panels
  • One 120VAC micro inverter
  • One Solar Regulator with smartphone monitoring via Legion Solar App for consumption and production
  • Two split core transformers
  • Inverter mounting screws
  • One T-harness
  • One straight harness
  • One harness B-plug adapter
  • Eight Z-brackets for DIY mounting, mounting screws, nuts, and washers


    Deluxe Starter Set

    The Deluxe Starter set consists of the Basic Set combined with the BatteryCommander. The BatteryCommander allows the solar panels to charge the battery when there's energy production capacity surplus. The BatteryCommander also enables the solar panels to provide power to microinverters, and the batteries to supply power to the microinverters to balance out nighttime use.


    Deluxe Starter Set + Off Grid Power

    The Deluxe Starter Set + Off Grid Power includes everything in the Deluxe Starter Set plus Off Grid Controller + Off Grid Inverter. The Controller is a battery capacity multiplier. It can detect grid power goes outages and automatically supplies power to your Off Grid Inverter.

    The Off Grid Inverter transforms battery energy into grid suitable energy. This way, you can continue powering your appliances seamlessly even when grid power isn't available.

    * Because of continuous product improvements, pictures may vary from actual product.

    • Solar Regulator. Keeps the solar energy that you produce behind your utility meter. Regulates the energy production of each Micro-Inverter, so that energy production is less than or equal to the energy consumption.
    • Plug and play quick installation. Setup and monitor with smartphone via Bluetooth. Solar Legion App is available for Apple and Android.
    • Know how much you are saving. The Legion Solar App allows you to keep an eye on your system’s performance from your mobile device.
    • A scalable system. Legion Solar provides a truly versatile system that can meet your requirements and is budget friendly. When you're ready for a larger system, adding panels is a simple process.


    Starter Set Stage 3 System Diagram with Extensions

    Starter Set Stage 3 System with Extensions Diagram


    Legion Solar - Solar Energy System Starter Set  Micro Inverters Advantage

    Micro Inverters Advantage


    Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    Polycrystalline Solar Panels



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