SGG-F108-3T - SMD LED Solar Flood Light With Remote Control and Timer

$349.99 $459.99

Product Description

The Solar Goes Green LED Solar Flood lights are designed to achieve the perfect solution for your commercial or high demand flood light needs. The SGG-F108-3T SMD LED is ideal for lighting an area approximately 30 ft. Wide x 30 ft. Deep. This powerful solar flood light is suited for use with illuminating billboard signs, HOA Entrance ways and horse riding areas, parking lots and driveways. With the new battery placement on the solar panel backing, the SGG-F108-3T is the perfect solution for ground effect lighting and up lighting for walls or structures.


  • This light turns on Automatically turns on at night and off at dawn with a On/Off switch on light fixture for convenience.
  • This installation is suited for ground stake mounting of both solar panel and LED Light for ground effect lighting, up lighting walls or structures.
  • The ground stakes can be removed for a flat mount installation as well.
  • Backed by 3 year warranty on the LED lights

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