Solar Power FAQ's

Solar power can be a complicated application. However, at Solar Us we are here to help! For specific questions relating to solar panels, how they work, and solar energy in general, please check out our Solar FAQ page.

Solar Inverter FAQ's

If you are looking to add a complete solar panel system, then you'll definetly want to do your research on solar inverters. Luckily, Solar Us carries a wide variety of premium power inverters, and we are here to answer any questions you may have about them. For specific questions relating to solar power inverters, how they work, and solar power in general, please check out our Inverter FAQ page.

Solar Lights FAQ's

If you are looking to add solar landscape lighting to your home, business, or land, you'll definetely have plenty of options at Solar Us. We carry a wide variety of outdoor solar lights ranging in price, size, and application. Whether you are looking for solar Christmas lights, Halloween solar lights, solar fence lights, security solar lights, super bright LED solar lightingemergency flashlight, or even an outdoor solar chandelier, we are sure to have you covered. Before you buy, make sure and check out our comprehensive Solar Lighting FAQ page.

Wind Power FAQ's

Have you been looking to add wind power to your home or business? There are a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to know the correct power output and model to chose. At Solar Us we carry some of the highest quality wind generator for homes on the planet, and many of our residential turbines are made in America! We also carry several wind turbine models for marine use, so you can easily add some green power to your sailboat or speedboat. Unsure where to even start or having questions about turbine mounts and towers? We've got you covered in our complete Wind Turbine FAQ's page.

Solar Us Corporate FAQ's

What is Solar Us Shop?

Solar Us Shop is an online store specializing in complete solar system kits, solar panels, solar inverters, solar outdoor lights, batteries, wind generator kits, and other environmentally friendly products, including compost supplies.

Where are you located?

Our main offices are located in Chicago, IL. However, Solar Us Shop is an international company and we have fulfillment centers all across the globe.The good news is the majority of our products are made or ship directly from the United States. We list the country of origin and the ship from country on every product listing, so you can know exactly where your product is made and how long it will take to get to you. 

How can I contact you?

You can e-mail us directly at support@solar-us-shop.com

How soon will you get back to me?

We generally answer all customer emails and messages within 24 - 48 business hours. However, on the weekends and during holidays it can take up to 72 hours. However, if you get in contact with us we promise to get back to you.

Shipping FAQ's

How long will it take to receive my item?

Since our fulfillment centers are located all over the world, the shipping time for your item will vary. Products that ship directly from the United States typically arrive in 3-7 business days, but it is difficult to give exact dates for when you will receive your order. If you need an item by an exact date please contact us about expedited shipping options.

Where are my items being shipped from?

We have fulfillment centers located all over the world. Generally, most items are shipped from the United States, but select items are shipped internationally.

Will my order have a tracking number?

Yes, in most cases it will. You will be e-mailed the tracking information once the order ships. It can take up to two weeks for shipping information to populate when tracking the package. Do not be alarmed if when you try to track the package, nothing appears within the first two-weeks of you ordering. Please hold off on contacting us until the end of the two-weeks. Some products we ship through Amazon, and we are unable to provide a tracking number. However, most Amazon order will arrive in 2-5 business days.

Why hasn't my tracking information updated?

Since some of our items are shipped internationally there can be periods of time where it takes 1 - 6 weeks for the tracking information to update. The tracking will generally update as soon as we hand over the item to the shipping courier and then update again once it reaches the country in which it's being delivered. Please do not contact us asking why the tracking information has not updated unless it has been longer than the estimated shipping and handling time we provide in the product description.

I haven't received my order, where is it?

Since we have fulfillment centers all across the world, some orders may take 30+ days to receive your order request, which is dependent upon how busy we are, the availability of materials to make the items, and where the item is being shipped from and shipped to.

If it is passed the estimated shipping and handling time for your item and you still haven't received your order please contact our customer support at support@solar-us-shop.com and we will gladly assist you.

Returns and Exchanges FAQ's

Please read our Return Policy for more information regarding returns and exchanges. When you place an order with us you agree to abide by our return and exchange policies.

Thanks for reading our FAQs and we hope that they were helpful in answering any possible questions that may arise! In the meantime, be sure to check out our inventory of solar powered lights, solar panel kits, wind turbine generators, and more!