Legion Solar Z Bracket Set


Product Description

The Legion Solar Z Bracket Set was created for use with two Legion Solar LS-100P and LS-150M PV Solar Panels for non-rail DIY mounting solution. Includes screws, nuts, lock washers, and self drilling screws.

Enjoy solar energy system with Legion Solar. Find this and many other accessories available to build the perfect Solar Energy System for your home. Get clean energy and reduce your utility company bills.

Included Items:

  • 8QTY Aluminum ‘Z’ Brackets for DIY Mounting Solution
  • 8QTY Hex Screw Fine Thread 28 A2-70 0.25" x 5/8”
  • 8QTY Nut Fine Thread 28 A2-70 0.25”
  • 8QTY Washer A2-70 0.25”
  • 8QTY Lock Washer A2-70 0.25”
  • 8QTY Self Drill Screw with Plastic Spacer 32mm long 5.0 x 32mm M8


  • Raise height 0.9"
  • Bracket width 1.3"
  • Hole diameter 0.28"

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