LuminAID PackLite Spectra USB Inflatable Color-Changing Solar Lantern Flashlight


Brand: LuminAID

Product Description

The LuminAID PackLite Spectra USB is a color changing solar powered lantern perfect for camping, emergency kits, or adding a beautiful ambiance to an outdoor space. With 9 different color modes, this LED solar light can be fully charged in 12 hours of sunlight or by being plugged into a micro USB outlet (1-2 hours). Its portable compact size makes this solar light great for traveling or packing into a small kit. The PackLite Spectra USB is waterproof up to a 1 meter depth and can also float.  

Bring the party to life with this beautiful solar light and ignore the hassle of hazardous cords and cables. With a max runtime of 12 hours the PackLite Spectra is sure to give you the light you need to create the perfect atmosphere. Consisting of a 4 LED battery charging indicator, you will know when exactly your light is ready for use. The clip-able strap also makes this solar lantern easy to clip on to a bag or hang onto any object.

Specifications for the LuminAID Spectra USB Solar Lantern

Luminaid Solar Lantern Features

  • 9 different light modes: White LED, Rainbow fade, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Turquoise, and Pink
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Easy to use buttons and USB connector
  • Highly Efficient Solar Panel
  • Lithium Polymer Ion Battery
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Weight: 5 oz.
  • Dimensions: 4.75" W x 4.75" L X  1" H when flat / 4.75" x 4.75" x 4.75" when inflated
  • 100% Lead and PVC FREE
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Ships from Country: United States
Light Specifications for the LuminAid Spectra USB Solar Lantern Flashlight

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