SGG-S12 - LED Solar Flagpole Spot Light Warm or Cool White 72 Lumens

$85.99 $129.99

Product Description

Looking for a powerful yet low-cost lighting solution for areas outside of your home? Then look no further than the SSG-S12-WW Solar Flagpole Spot Light. This solar light is loaded with 12 high powered Warm White or Bright White LED bulbs that will deliver ultra bright lighting to your garden or yard without causing an increase in your electric bills. You can choose whether you would like the warm white or cool white colored lights simply by choosing an option from the drop down menu. Provided that it's fully charged, the SSG-S12-WW Solar Spot Light will cast extremely bright light on your yard, garden, patio, gazebo or walkway for 8-10 hours a night. And because of its pro-grade cast aluminum construction, this outdoor solar light will be able to withstand the elements and continuously deliver topnotch lighting, whatever the weather may be.


  • Enhance outdoor lighting conditions by leaps and bounds with 12 SSG-S12-WW Solar Flag Spot Light 
  • A great solar powered light for flag poles, gardens, lawns or yards
  • Illumination by way of 12 high powered Warm White or Cool White LED's
  • 72 Lumen output
  • Pro-grade cast aluminum construction light and ground stake
  • Powerful light fixture is fully adjustable to point beam in any direction desired
  • Beam projection: 25 feet by 6 feet (cone)
  • Draws power from a solar panel that connects to this outdoor solar light via a 1-foot wire Self-activates at dusk and powers itself down at dawn
  • Comes with a manual power switch
  • Virtually maintenance-free thanks to a Water and Weather Resistant body 
  • Numerous optional and useful accessories available for purchase
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty on LED's
  • Compatible with the SGG-PoleMT-S12 flag pole mounting kit and the SGG-WallMT-S12 wall mounting kit
  • Recommended wire extension kit can easily be added to give you an extra 3 meters in length

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