Solar Pool Cleaner Skimbot AI Surface Robot for Pool Maintenence and Cleaning

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Product Description

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The Skimbot Solar Swimming Pool Cleaner

The Skimbot Solar Powered Pool Cleaner by Skimbot is an AI enhanced robotic pool vacuum for swimming pools that conveiently cleans dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris from your pool. Sit back, RELAX, and let Skimbot do the work! Using state of the art Bluetooth Technology, the Skimbot is able to pinpoint the very moment an unwanted particle enters your pool and immediately goes to work.

Just like the Solar-Breeze NX2, the Skimbot uses the power of the sun to perform your pool maintenence duties. That's right! Solar Power means no messy cords or cables! Simply insert the solar pool vacuum when you are ready to clean your swimming pool, and the Skimbot will work its' magic. By using the Skimbot App, you can program your Skimbot to clean on a schedule best suited for your busy lifestyle, or simply use the remote control for override cleaning action control. 


  • Lightweight, and easy to use skimming robot featuring sliding collection tray which willl prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from collecting or backwashing into your pool.
  • Bluetooth enabled pool vacuum with Proprietary iOS app and Android app for remote operation and automation schedules, also features anti-theft mode, eco-operation, and silent mode.
  • DURABLE, UV enhanced plastics to withstand even the harshest of pool environments, hot or cold weather climates, as well as overly sunny days.
  • Efficient solar panels for energy operation and intelligent on-boarded navigation system to map water surface and target dirty areas.
  • Turbo side wall washing to target debris that clings to the pool edge, catching even smaller leaves, pollen, dust, and preventing algae blooms.
  • Four forward facing sensor eyes determine distance to obstacles allowing for evasive maneuvers well before the chance of becoming stuck on pool edges, built-in tables, rock formations, hot tub outlets, ledges, and pool ladders.
  • An offensive measure to overall pool maintenance and cleaning, Skimbot works well in tandem with in floor vacuum systems and bottom vacuums while decreasing the need to use such pool cleaners or operate the pool pump as often.

Made and shipped in the U.S.!

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