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The Importance of Sustainability and Sustainable Development

How Sustainable Energy Impacts the Environment

Energy greatly affects the environment in multiple ways; the air, land, water and almost everything around us. Every living human being uses at least one form of energy and that is just putting it mildly. The electricity we consume, the rays from the sun, the gas our automobiles consume are all forms of energy. One of the greatest problems facing mankind today is finding the most efficient and sustainable forms of energy to stick to. It is no news that energy affects climate change and can be a serious pollutant in the environment. For different world economies, choosing the kind of energy to invest in will depend largely on its sustainability.

Sustainable energy is any form of energy that can be used repeatedly without getting exhausted or depleted. Sustainable products do not have adverse effects on the environment and are safe to use by everyone. Some sustainable energy sources are renewable energy like solar, wind, hydro power, geothermal and a lot of others. Looking at solar energy, the sun will continue to produce sunlight which is a source of heat energy that can be converted to other forms of energy to propel electrical devices and power stations among a few.

Importance of Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy can never get exhausted, provides no harm to the environment, and helps prevent green house effect from damaging the environment. Sustainable energy products are not derived from fossil fuels which produce gas emissions that contribute to depletion of the environment. It's no secret we have advanced as a society in large part to the use of fossil fuels. From numerous jobs to positive economic benefit, fossil fuels have been a benefit to us. However, fossil fuels are also exhaustible and therefore, non-sustainable. The world economies are already aware of the need to shift its major energy generation towards renewable energy sources. Today, about 20% of all energy generated and consumed is from renewable energy sources.

The use of fossil fuels since ancient times has resulted in the degradation of the environment. Yes, fossil fuels have been widely available and easily accessible but they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere which has propelled global warming. Two major sources of fossil fuels are coal and oil. These products are available in a few countries leading to a rise in prices and occasional scarcity. Due to a knowledge of the pollution effect of the fossil fuels and the fact that they will soon be exhausted from the earth, scientists have been forced to seek alternative sources that are sustainable and would not present these kind of downsides. This means that sustainable energy will cause no environmental pollution and will also be easily replenished.

Various Types of Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy are formed from sustainable products and can be used to power homes, offices and large industries. There are several different kinds.

  1. Solar Energy: This is the most common form of sustainable energy and perhaps the best. Both light and heat energy can be derived from the sun. The light is used by plants to grow and man makes use of heat to maintain the temperature of the body and to produce power for daily use. There is no way that this kind of energy can ever be exhausted since it’s main source is the sun. Industries have began to harness the benefits of this energy source and countries are not shying away from investing in it too. Solar panels are available to convert the direct energy from the sun into useful electrical energy for man’s use. For a good idea of some of the available solar products, check out our wide variety of solar lights, gadgets, and gear here.
  2. Wind Energy: Wind energy is also widely available and a natural form of energy. This energy is used by sailors in propelling their ships. Many industries have set up power grids and windmills or wind turbines to produce large commercial energy. The energy produced is marketed to individuals and industries who need it as a source of power. To learn more about the possibilities of wind energy check out our selection of wind turbines. 
  3. Biomass Energy: This form of energy is derived from burning agricultural waste such as wood, timber, animal droppings etc. It is a renewable source of energy and is very safe for the environment. Even though carbon dioxide is produced when these materials are burnt, plants use the carbon dioxide to produce oxygen therefore providing useful compensation.
  4. Hydroelectric Power: Hydroelectric power is very common in today’s world. It involves using the energy from the flow of rivers and waterfalls to drive electrical turbines. This form of energy is transported via power lines within countries and from one country to another. Water is readily available and provides no known environmental pollution issues and so this kind of energy is very sustainable.
  5. Geothermal Energy: Geothermal energy is derived from the heat produced from the earth. It is a very clean source of energy and sustainable too. Hot water and hot rocks found beneath the earth’s surface as well as molten magma of very high temperature are sources of this energy. Technology has been put in place to harness this form of energy and make it useful to man. This type of Sustainable energy is common and mostly useful in seismic areas.
Energy sustainability has been thought of differently over the years. In the early times, it was seen in light of availability as it relates to the intensity of usage. Today in the context of sustainable development that is being craved around the world, sustainable energy is understood as a lasting energy that would reduce global warming. Safety of the environment is very important and sustainable energy might very well help us achieve this. This coupled with the fact that it will always be around for future generations as it cannot be depleted. It is impressive that different governments have began to put necessary energy policies in place to further help with the mining of sustainable energy. Given that there are various sources, it is almost impossible not to find one which isn’t readily available to any particular country. The vision is to create energy that is clean and safe for use, both to mankind and the environment. We hope this article helps you to realize the importance of sustainability. What are some ways you hope to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle?

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