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The History of Earth Day - And Why You Should Care

Happy Earth Day!  It’s time to wear green, enjoy the outdoors, and talk about the environment. In an era where every day seems to have its own unique holiday (is there anyone else celebrating National German Beer Day tomorrow?), many people do not know enough about the history, legacy, and importance of Earth Day celebrations.  At Solar Us Shop, we have always been strong environmental allies and proudly supply solar and other renewable energy products to help support the modern green revolution. In this article, we outline all of the important things that you should know about Earth Day to help you celebrate and fight for our very worthy planet.   Earth Day Origins After decades of pollution and environmental degradation,...

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Top 10 Energy Conservation Quotes

Have you ever heard the saying “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”? Well, the same principle applies to the energy that you use throughout your day and lifetime. Every bit of energy (electricity or heat) that you do not use, allows for that same amount to be conserved for another person on the planet.  If you grew up being scolded for leaving the lights on around the house, chances are that you practice a few energy conservation techniques in your day-to-day life. While conserving energy helps reduce your power bill, it will also help lower your carbon footprint when using fossil fuel resources.  With the impending consequences of global warming, energy conservation has become more important than ever on an individual, community, and global level. ...

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Top Ten Quotes about Wind Energy and Windmills

Wind energy is rapidly growing across the world, but many people have been championing its technology for decades. In the 21st century, advances in windmills and electricity infrastructure make wind energy at the forefront of the green revolution, and that’s certainly something to talk about! Solar Us Shop is dedicated to educating the world about the possibilities of sustainable energy. However, we’ve decided to take a step back, and let some of the world’s leading voices explain all of the benefits of modern wind energy. Below, you can see our top ten quotes for wind power.  Quotes About Wind Energy 1. Björk  "Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature - it's the only way we...

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