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The Power of Solar and Wind Energy Together

Will the future be powered by the sun and the wind?

Although this sounds like wishful thinking in 2023, there is also a lot of evidence that a solar and wind-powered future may actually be a reality.

increase in solar energy in the united states

Over the last 10 years, the amount of solar power in the United States has increased by over 600% while wind energy capacity has also tripled in size. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, solar and wind are leading the way together toward a more sustainable future for both individuals and the world at large.

increase in wind energy in the United States

In this article, we’ll look at the power of wind and solar together to illustrate how to combine the technologies and unlock the benefits that a hybrid renewable energy system can offer. 

Can you use solar and wind power together? 

Yes! Just as the energy grid can combine multiple sources of power, you too can use solar and wind together. 

With enough space and the right climate conditions, solar and wind collectors can generate renewable electricity at any time of day with intermittent power production in both direct sunlight and windy conditions.

As complementary power sources that do not interfere with each other's operation (nor release any harmful emissions), there are many synergistic advantages of using solar and wind together. In addition to dramatically lowering your carbon footprint, investing in a solar and wind system can significantly lower your long-term energy costs in high-powered scenarios. 

solar and wind power together

More than anything else, however, the primary benefit of using wind and solar together is to balance out your sources of power for more reliable ongoing access to electricity. With multiple ways to generate new power, combining wind and solar enables an increased likelihood of power production throughout each day, season, and year. 

How to Combine Solar Energy & Wind Power

When combining solar and wind power into the same energy system, you will need to use a hybrid charge controller to safely process the electricity generated by each source. In order to capture all of the power produced by your panels and turbines, you will also need to add an energy storage battery to access your electricity around the clock.

If you are building your own solar and wind energy system, consider talking to a professional before installing any high-powered equipment. With an expert on your side, you can ensure your system’s functionality and minimize any safety concerns. 

solar and wind together in the snow

For an easy way to source parts that are already designed to work well with one another, consider purchasing a wind or solar power kit. Then, when it’s time to install your equipment, always take a moment to calculate to determine the best possible location for your installation to maximize sun/wind exposure. 

What is better solar or wind power?

Although it's hard to pick favorites, many people wonder whether solar or wind power is the superior technology. While this article is designed to showcase the capabilities of the two technologies simultaneously, if we're strictly talking in terms of power generation, then most people agree that wind is a more efficient energy source for higher electricity yield in the right conditions.

With that being said, there are also several advantages of solar power when wind energy doesn't make as much sense. For example, solar power is the cheapest form of electricity to produce, and panels take up significantly less space than wind turbines, making them more realistic for homeowners and small businesses.  

Conclusion: Better Together 

To sum it up in a few words, solar and wind energy together can electrify everything from a small off-grid cabin to an entire county of homes, businesses, and the other necessities of the world we live in today. 

While both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages when weighed against one another, wind and solar power combined are among the most vital technologies helping to shape a sustainable, and emission-free future.

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