Betta 2 Solar Powered Automatic Pool Skimmer

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Brand: Betta

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Important: Product is only available for shipment to addresses located in the continental U.S.

Introducing the Betta 2 automatic pool skimmer. Now built with all new and innovative chip-controlled twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant SCT Motors. This robotic solar pool skimmer offers top efficiency and reliability. You will enjoy trouble-free cleaning of the surface of your pool, all season long.

Whether you have an above or an in-ground pool, the Betta 2 automatic pool cleaner is a clean energy solution to keep your swimming pool pristine.

With the unique wireless remote control function, you can switch instantly between automatic and remote control modes. Cleaning the large debris basket is a breeze thanks to the top basket handle.

Product Features:


  • 100% Solar Powered: Betta runs completely on solar power. The high-capacity built-in lithium battery gets charged by the strong and highly efficient solar panel. with a durable corrosion-resistant surface.

  • Twin Chip-Controlled SCT Motors: Betta now features the new and innovative chip-controlled twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant SCT Motors. The Salt Chlorine Tolerant SCT Motors offer top efficiency and reliability and provide trouble-free cleaning of pool surfaces all season long.

  • Compatible with Freshwater and Saltwater: The Betta pool skimmer dependably delivers excellent cleaning performance in both freshwater and saltwater swimming pools.

  • Easy Clean Large Debris Basket: With a handle and fine mesh filter, there is no need to remove Betta from the water. Simply dock it, open the cover and take out the basket.

  • Smart Auto Clean: Automatically cleans various floating debris on the water's surface, such as leaves, dust, pollen, dead insects, etc.

  • Senses obstacles and reroutes itself: Ultrasonic radar senses obstacles and automatically reroutes itself to clean the entire pool.

  • UV Resistant Coating: The special UV-resistant coating and material prevent damage caused by UV radiation emitted by the sun.

  • Cordless with Remote Control: Wave goodbye to long cables that get in the way. The Betta 2 solar robotic pool cleaner features a wireless remote control function. This convenient function allows you to easily switch between automatic and remote-control use.

  • Underwater Brushless Motor: The two underwater brushless motors directly drive the propellers. The innovative technology makes Betta more responsive and energy-efficient than other automatic skimmers.


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