Silentwind Wind Turbine 400+ Watts 12/24/48 V w/ External Controller Hybrid for Wind and Solar

$1,759.00 $1,845.00

Brand: Silentwind

Product Description

The Silentwind Wind Turbine Generator 400+ is the ideal windmill generator if you're looking to integrate a wind system with existing or future solar array system. Included with this generator kit is an external Hybrid BOOST charger controller system or control panel that makes adding additional wind turbines or solar panels a breeze. With available voltages of 12V, 24V, and 48V, you can expect a maximum output of 400-500 Watts. There's also an electronic or manual stop/start switch to easily control the power output.

Product Features

  • Aerodynamically crafted for High Efficiency power output
  • Lightweight and quiet design
  • 1.15 meter rotor diameter
  • 3 durable carbon fiber blades which are UV resistant
  • Start up speed of 2.2 m/s
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Availability to input 600 Watts of additional wind power
  • Availability to input 550 Wp of additional solar power
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Installation instructions included
  • Max power outputs: 12V - 420 watts, 24V- 450 watts, 48V - 500 watts
  • Rated peak power is reached at wind speeds of 14 m/s

Included Parts of the Silentwind 400+ Watt Wind Generator


Power Curve for the Silent Wind 400+ Watt Wind Turbine

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