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Save the Environment, Save Money: Why Outdoor Solar Lighting is a Bright Idea!

As climate change and environmental conservation become increasingly popular topics to see on the morning news, it's no surprise sustainable energy seems to be illuminating the future. Whether you're using wind, water, or the sun to light up your home or business, the benefits of sustainable practices are numerous. Specifically, the U.S. seems to have taken a particular liking to solar power. In 2016 alone, the market for solar power grew by 95% from the year before. So, what’s the big appeal of going solar? Here are a few reasons that just might flip a switch in your mind.

Outdoor solar lighting not only saves energy in the environment, but it also keeps money in the buyer’s wallet. After the initial cost of an outdoor solar powered light, no other purchases are needed! Due to the simple designs of today’s solar lighting units, set up and installation can be done by virtually anyone in a matter of minutes, with no need to go through the hassle of hiring an electrician. In fact, for many products on the market, the only requirement is a naturally lit area in a yard, garden, patio or other outdoor area and maybe some basic tools. Also, as a 100% off-the-grid source of energy, outdoor solar lighting saves money on home energy bills as well. This allows the cost of the lights to be offset overtime by the money saved through sustainable use, whereas electrical lights continue to use energy for as long as they keep shining.

The brilliant LED bulbs used in solar lighting are an innovative and cost-effective way to give an outdoor space the perfect nighttime ambiance. As they are exposed to light during the day, the solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and turn out energy in the form of light through the LED bulbs. This natural charging process allows for the use of lighting without any carbon emission or wasted energy, ultimately lowering a home’s carbon footprint. These bulbs can last upwards of 12 hours before needing to be recharged (by the sun, of course!), producing long-term illumination and avoiding the energy drain caused by leaving traditional floodlights on all night.

In addition, LED lights are extremely durable, often having lifespans of 10 or even 15 years. The benefits of this kind of longevity are expansive, from minimizing the cost of replacement, to reducing the waste from light bulbs in landfills and incinerators, to making it so the owner no longer has to deal with the inconvenience of regularly having to replace the bulbs, as they do with incandescent and fluorescent lights. This is due in part to outdoor solar lights being built to endure all types of weather conditions to ensure their longest possible lives. Most are built resistant to freezing, water, and can even endure substantial impacts and remain unharmed.

However, it is impossible to talk about the advantages of using outdoor solar lighting without mentioning the complete lack electrical of wires. Traditional outdoor lighting setups often involve a mess of wires, which can pose a threat to pets and children. Having to account for electrical wires and chords can also seriously limit where lights can be placed outdoors, often making it difficult to light up gardens and patios in just the right ways. Outdoor solar lights dispel both of these issues by simply eliminating the need to be constantly connected to a power source, because they 100% rely on the sun! Harnessing the sun’s natural energy offers another huge benefit: reliability. Even during power outages a solar powered light will shine through the night, as they are completely independent from generators or any other power sources that could be unpredictable in a storm. On these days where there isn’t any intense sunlight, solar lighting can often still absorb enough through cloud coverage to be quite effective.

Outdoor solar lighting brings together the aesthetics of a simple lighting solution with the green technology of sustainable energy sources. If beautiful and eco-friendly homes can lead to a beautiful environment, why wouldn’t everyone tap into the solar lighting? When put together, many people’s ecological decisions can have a huge impact on the world we live in.

A sustainable home today, can lead to a healthy Earth tomorrow!

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