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Let There Be Light

When you’re on your next camping adventure, you could have a connection to someone recovering from a natural disaster halfway across the world. How? With light.

Light Makes a Difference

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Shreshta noticed something illuminating. When a natural disaster strikes, relief takes the form of the most essential items: food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. While these items are critical, one of the first things to go during a natural disaster is electricity, leaving victims in the dark.

Anna and Andrea considered the dark and dangerous conditions at night. To light their tents and shelters, people resorted to candles and kerosene lanterns, both hazardous in close quarters. They created LuminAID, a safe source of light to distribute to those in need.

How it works

LuminAID lanterns have a compact, lightweight solar panel and rechargeable battery attached to an inflatable bottom. By unfolding, inflating, and pressing the button users have a pleasant diffused light to hang or carry along. When done, the lantern simply deflates and folds away.

LuminAid Solar Powered Lanterns

Solar Us Shop Introduces the LuminAID Solar Lantern

LuminAID Lanterns are ideal for hiking, camping, and outdoor recreation. They are weather resistant, lightweight, and compact, but provide a powerful source of light. The 2-in-1 lantern even charges your devices while lighting your camp, but the benefits don’t stop there.

LuminAid Solar Camping Light

When you purchase a LuminAID lantern, you also help sponsor LuminAID’s mission to make light more accessible and sustainable to all. LuminAID partners with NGO’s and nonprofits around the world to provide light to those in need.

Give Light LuminAid Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar Us Shop is excited to carry LuminAID’s best-sellers to light your next adventure and light the way of others across the globe.

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